You wish to know more about the project or get in contact with the development team? Then come on IRC ! There's always someone available that can answer your questions.

If you know how to use IRC, you can just join Freenode and one of these channels:
Channels: #evolonline, #evol-dev, #manaplus

If you don't know what IRC is, you can follow these links, they are web clients to connect to IRC. It's an easy way to connect for casual users. Here are two links which connect to the main channel in case one of the two doesn't work: -


You wonder which channel you should join? Here's a small description of them:

#evolonline: This is the main channel where players come. It is a place for off-topic and player discussion.
#evol-dev: This channel is the central place for developement discussions. You can follow them and add your own suggestions as well. Don't be shy, we're all very openminded.
#manaplus : A client bug to report? A suggestion? Everything about the client comes here.

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