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Spring time everybody!


The sun and buds begin to rise after this never-ending snowy winter. While it was cold outside, we spent our time developing the largest version of all Beta releases. We can finally take a break and let you discover the many treasures spring brought with it. Flower fields... Sun glints on the lake... Don't worry, Evol Online will not stop today and we will not abandon you, the Beta releases are only the beginning! Let's do a quick summary of what happened these past months. Another news post will follow, telling you about what we plan to do in the next few months, so you're aware of everything!


First of all, the Beta2.1 release was a great success, more than what we thought it would be, it also made a lot of players come back which was wonderful. Sadly, it also introduced some other bugs, but they're now all fixed and the game will soon be updated. Thanks again for helping us with your reports and feedbacks about what you thought of this project, it helped us know on what we should focus most.


Since the previous release, we're working on the next and last Beta version, in other words, Beta3! To sum up, the Beta3 can be compared as a full game balance. This also helps us be aware of our quality guidelines for future game development. We decided to cut this Beta3 in different parts to work on high priority tasks one by one.


As you can see on this Beta3, we're not that far to be done with a first release of this Beta3 which will bring a new weight measure and a new monetary balance for every quests and items. There will also be some fixes and upgrades of the game's content, but it also brings in a karma system and an in-game gift for those who helped us to bring this Beta3 "first edition".


We'll let you see everything else by yourself soon enough!


Futhermore, we are spending a lot of time working on switching our current art (graphics, musics, sound effects, etc...) license from the GNU GPLv2 to the CC BY-SA 3.0. These names could look weird to you, but it's something really important for us. It will help us develop the game much faster later on, without us worrying about anything else but the art. We will explain all of the reasons in a wiki page and probably in a FAQ's post on the site, so you can understand everything if you're interested.


Finally, what is going on with the ManaPlus project, which is clearly the definition of an "evolving" project. The last version, has been released a few days ago, and like every bi-monthly releases, it brings a large amount of new feature and bug fixes. But this time it offered a new support for Evol Online. NPC will now be able to warn you when they'll have a quest for you, how awesome is that?! Stay tuned, it might come out on the next release of Evol Online! 4144 is also preparing a surprise if you're playing on Linux... I won't say more, but some Debian users will be pleased about this surprise!


That's all for now, but we'll soon tell you more about what we're hoping to achieve during the following months.


Cheers, Reid

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