Preview this week in Evol a new healing system that will make envious every AAA game, a delayed healing system!
That was one of the main thing that we missed since we switched to our new server software, we finally added it back. ;)
We improved it a bit though, now if you use multiple healing item, the effect will be mixed and you will be able to heal faster.

This is the first update since the release of the first Aurora, so we took this opportunity to fix most of the issues that you all reported:

  • Edouard the barber has been completely rewritten and should now display every hairstyle/hair color.
  • A lot of grammar mistakes has been fixed.
  • The effect of this Halloween's Barrel item has been rewritten.
  • Artis mapping has been improved.
  • A new book system/quest is being introduced, for now nothing will change but everything has been rewritten and we introduced the old book in the library.
  • ManaPlus fixed the walk path and the desync issue.
  • And many other various reported issues has been fixed.

Feel free to poke us if we forget any issues or if they are not already present in

-- Reid

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