Halloween 2015

Please be safe and have a most cheerful celebration.

The Hallow-e'en Event will be scrapped soon. Thank you all for your feed-back. We have noted the following:

  • Your character went over-weight as there was no storage system.
  • Desert Island had been lonesome.
  • There aren't enough players to help with boss monster, so the #irc tab comes in handy.
  • Leveling beyond 25 had been too much of the same work.
  • What a strange dream... it even had a map-glitch.
  • Cuco and Crooger were doing overtime.

Our new year's resolution is to give players new activities and areas to explore! Storage for item collections! And to utilize the server's new features for a better experience!

Development on the Aurora1 release is still active. The city of Artis will present a next step in Evol's evolution.

A new version of ManaPlus is available, including a version for Google Chrome users thanks to 4144 and the ManaPlus developers.

With a new server, we have to grok it. Scripts can now have loops, and syntax that will enable better features; Occasional quest developers will be studying Hercules scripting syntax; it is deeper than legacy scripting.

Some `To-Do' items for Aurora1 are set-aside for another time. There were high-expectations for Aurora1 not completed before the end of 2015.

Remember to keep checking back for updates and events!

And thanks to anyone that contributed for bringing Evol Online to 2016!

-- Akko Teru

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