Halloween 2015

Our special Hallowe'en update will be out on the evening of this Tuesday 27th October.

This event bring back some old monsters from the beta releases but it also introduce an angry bat monster named "Crafty". We also reworked many graphics and musics from the previous Hallowe'en theme with the help of Aeonchild and Eric Matyas.

The event will stay online for 3weeks, it should be enough time to re-visit the island and who knows... Maybe you'll find another place to look at... ;)

We all wish you a happy Hallowe'en and we hope to see you all around!



We released an extension to our Halloween event, say welcome to a new NPC, Rumly, that will graciously reset your stats against some plushrooms... We also reworked our monsters and items stats to fix some unbalanced issues introduced during the server software change.

Don't forget to give us your opinion on the rebalance of our monsters and items!

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