Hercules release

        The Evol Online Project is pleased to announce you the release of the new server software!


        First of all, remember to update your server list. Once you've done that, here's what you will be able to enjoy:
This server includes better support for pets, shops, guilds, magic, skills, classes and much more. While we're working on implementing most of these updates in our next release (Aurora1), we decided to re-release the actual world under this new dome.
You won't actually see much difference from other Beta releases, but we still need your help to assure that the current server build works fine with our little world while we work on the first upcoming *big* release. ;)

Though, the new server is not the only new thing, we will release most of our current changes on the island and some bug fixes which were waiting in queue since the end of the Beta Session.
From all of these changes, here are the most important:


- New Server Release (4144, Hercules team)
- Pet (4144)
- 2,5Dimension with Height support (4144)
- Clouds (Len)
- New grass tiles (Bagzie)
- Translation updates (Salius, Suni, Mas886, JesuSalva, etc...)
- Monster stat fix (Reid)
- Peter quest fix (Reid)
- Many graphical and script improvement (aurora1#graphics)

And yet much more work in progress which should be soon available through the Aurora1 release this year!

We are also a few weeks away from the Easter Event, stay tuned for more news on this, and in the meanwhile, come and test our reborn world with us!

Have a nice day, and see you most likely this evening in-game. :)

Cheers, Reid and WildX

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