2015 Releases

Here we are! We finally decided of the schedule for 2015's releases.

Like some of you may know, we recently started to port all of our current work to a new server engine, thanks to 4144 we can now hope to test it in live with you all very soon! We also planned two events (maybe three, if we receive good comments about them). The first one will occur for easter, the second for halloween. And the best for the end, the so awaited Aurora1 *will* take place in 2015, you can follow the actual development roadmap on http://wiki.evolonline.org/releases/aurora1. (Most of these tasks are almost done, we just need to clean them up before to count them as *done*).

So, less bla-bla, more action:

Saturday 21th March 2015

=> Hercules Release (New server release, will need intensive testing)

Saturday 4th April 2015

=> Easter event

Sunday 25th October 2015

=> Halloween event

Before the end of the year (Anytime from now to December 2015)

=> Aurora1, Artis city of Merchant

I will explain all of the changelog and why we do this Hercules release later this week on a new news post.

Thanks for your patience and continue to check back for more info soon!

Cheers, Reid.

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