Greetings everybody!


We hope that you all had a merry Christmas and we would like to wish you all luck for the upcoming year.


It would be awesome to offer you a new game release at this time but we still have a way to go before we consider all of our current work done.

Nevertheless, we did quite a lot of work these last months!

The most important work has been done by 4144, he added a full support of Hercules; A new server based on the one that we currently use; in manaplus, and guess what, Hercules suits perfectly the needs of Evol! We started the conversion of all of our data a month and a half ago, and now we can finally say that we have a working version of Evol under this new server software.


This change is a welcome change in Evol's philosophy, all of our data is now open-source, like it used to be. You can find everything under the repository evol-all on our gitorious page. (


We weren't far from idle on the content side, Saweres contributed to a large quantity of new indoor maps for the next city release. Most of the needed graphics are also done, but we welcome any help to speed up the last remaining tasks. ;)


We started a new media organization, we will try to keep as active as possible on our official medias (our site, facebook page, g+ page, etc...) while we would like to support any volunteer help to promote Evol to new community from your side.

On this note, our openhub (oldly ohloh) page is now completly upgraded! Check it at


Like always, we would like to remind you that Evol is made by people on their own free time, if you want to see the next release as soon as possible, just join us! We don't croc...


We all wish you an happy new year, and we hope to share much more good times with you all very soon. :)


Cheers, Reid.

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