New tilesets

Hey fellows, many things to tell, so let's keep it short!


First of all, sorry for the lack of updates these past months. We didn't stop the project, don't worry, we just had to do a little break in order to concentrate on the game development itself as the next release will be gigantic.


Moreover, we took some time to shape the web part of the project like we wanted. For example, the site bugs list has been cleaned, the forum and wiki both got a brand new theme. I'll let you check them out, so give us your impression about these changes!


"Great! The project seems fine, but when will be the next release?" We don't have any precise date for this event, actually, the game development is somehow... slow. In fact, we need more manpower, we need your help to bring the next release faster! I ask all of you who read this to consider that call, if you enjoyed our Beta, or if you just discovered Evol five minutes ago. Give us a hand! If you can't help because you do not have enough time (something that we can understand very well), just make some noise about us, sharing this news or talking about us will help the project grow and stay alive.


Here above is a preview of one of the few things we're working on these days, nice, right? ;-)


Cheers, Reid.

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