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Finally Autumn is upon us and even though we won't see any coloured leaves around the Island I'm pleased to announce you that we can almost get ready to board the ship once again as we have made great progress on the Aurora1 release and have most of the graphics done.
Sadly this also means that we won't be able to hold a Halloween Event this year.


What we do have is a brand new forum

for you to explore and use.
It even has a contest running for you to design the new Evol Logo!

ManaPlus released!
Fix: Drawing complex gui in Android.
Fix: Text fields on SDL2.
Fix: Input on Android on SDL2.
Add: New in chat emotes.
Add: Emotes button near chat input line.
Add: Extend chat window theming.
Add: Context menu for buy/sell items.
Add: Option to show/hide server motd.


The Evol Crew wishes you a bloody Halloween and advices you not to eat the green goo!

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