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Hello everybody!


We have great news for you! We're now working on development for the Aurora1 release, which will mark the end of Evol's beta session and the beginning of a series of content releases that will keep the game interesting and constantly evolving.


The Aurora1 release will include new maps, a better gameplay balance and new awesome content for you to enjoy! The city of Artis is almost ready to open its doors to new adventurers and become the first of many places that you will get to explore in the land of Aemil!


We also have good news outside of the in-game development: we have dropped our old forums and we will soon have new phpBB based forums that will be more user-friendly and easier to manage and we have a new web-based IRC client, KiwiIRC, to connect more easily to our official channels on FreeNode, just by clicking the ">IRC" button in the follow us section on the right. The wiki is also receiving some updates and every contribution is very welcome!


In even more awesome news, Evol is approaching its third birthday! Keep your eyes open for any surprise parties that may happen during September. What? I didn't say anything!



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