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Greetings everybody!


Working on this project during the past months was hard because most of us had to study for our exams. Now that these exams are over and the results given to us, we are pleased to announce you, first of all, this year's graduation of most of us and secondly, the release of the Beta3 of Evol Online, proof that we can both work in real life and on Evol Online! We hope you worked hard too this year, and thanks to all of the developers and contributors, you can now relax by enjoying the life on Aemil.


This Beta3 release brings in a lot of fixes and improvements, especially on a graphical point of view. Another thing you will notice is the great balance that has been made for this release. We hope it'll bring a new game experience in this adventure. In addition, we welcomed a new sound designer, Kenny690, who greatly helped us improving the sound environment in this game. Thanks a lot for his hard work!


Moreover, if you pay enough attention in game, you'll notice that the development team changed the currency and weight names. This helps improving the environment your character lives in. That is why we took so much time to release this Beta3 version of the game. We took all our time to review all the game details and fixed what needed to be fixed.


Did you get a cookie? Wait, I bet you didn't! Just come and help us, and maybe you'll deserve one. Simply report a bug if you see one, translate the game, show us your art, etc... Note that after each release, you'll be able to get a cookie if you contributed to it. As for the translations, thanks to everyone who translated ManaPlus and Evol Online, your help was most welcome and we would be honored if you could continue like that.


Feel free to use the latest version of ManaPlus which never stops getting more awesome every day.


Here is a small summary of the changes that Beta3 brings. Feel free to check the full list of changes on our wiki:
- Balanced the entire game.
- Standardize all sound effects and musics.
- Add new sound effects.
- Cookie NPC.
- New hairstyle.
- Weapons visible at all times.
- Eyes blinking. (miss client support)
- New units names, "Esperin" for money and "Florin" for weight.
- Quest diary fixes.
- Quest status over NPCs' heads.
- Peter quest re-enabled.
- Dialogue revamp.
- Graphic updates.
- XML updates.
- Scripts updates.




The Evol Online developers.

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