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Hello everybody!


Less than a month after the Beta2 release, the Evol Online crew is proud to announce the launch Beta 2.1!
As with usual bug fixes, a little bit of fresh content has been added to the game.


Main corrections are about NPC dialogues improvements, quest fixes, monster targeting system, stats balance of items and monsters, small graphics and maps improvements and finally an update of translations.


Among the new features that have been added you will find:
- A new behavior in quest diary
- A new sunlight effects for indoors windows
- A new AFK animation effects (it will soon be supported by ManaPlus)
- Flag icons for language selection menus
- Improvements on the player spritesheets and hairstyles
- And a database cleaning.


On the ManaPlus client side, a general polishing of the graphic interface has been implemented with extended theming for many GUI elements, Jewelry Theme updated, outlined texts to increase readability, new colors for party and guild members in online list, option to autoresize minimaps, new popup menu for text fields, better handling of joystick and many bug fixes.


Still not enough for you? You will be pleased to know that the Evol developer team already started working on Beta3 and Aurora1!
The next release will be focused on a full game balance, some graphic improvements and new options during player creation! ManaPlus will instead show better playability on mobile devices and Jewelry Theme updates.
So stay tuned on our webpages, Facebook and Google+ social network to get fresh news and sneak peeks of new features waiting Evol Online universe.


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