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Hey fellows, many things to tell, so let's keep it short!


First of all, sorry for the lack of updates these past months. We didn't stop the project, don't worry, we just had to do a little break in order to concentrate on the game development itself as the next release will be gigantic.

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Finally Autumn is upon us and even though we won't see any coloured leaves around the Island I'm pleased to announce you that we can almost get ready to board the ship once again as we have made great progress on the Aurora1 release and have most of the graphics done.
Sadly this also means that we won't be able to hold a Halloween Event this year.

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Hello everybody!


We have great news for you! We're now working on development for the Aurora1 release, which will mark the end of Evol's beta session and the beginning of a series of content releases that will keep the game interesting and constantly evolving.

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Greetings everybody!


Working on this project during the past months was hard because most of us had to study for our exams. Now that these exams are over and the results given to us, we are pleased to announce you, first of all, this year's graduation of most of us and secondly, the release of the Beta3 of Evol Online, proof that we can both work in real life and on Evol Online! We hope you worked hard too this year, and thanks to all of the developers and contributors, you can now relax by enjoying the life on Aemil.

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Evol Online greatly changed during the past years and we must thank every single person who contributed to this awesome project. This game is still in a Beta state so it is a work in progress, thus we must expect bugs. In addition, Socapex is working very hard on the project's site. Thanks to him, we now have a forum.


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Spring time everybody!


The sun and buds begin to rise after this never-ending snowy winter. While it was cold outside, we spent our time developing the largest version of all Beta releases. We can finally take a break and let you discover the many treasures spring brought with it. Flower fields... Sun glints on the lake... Don't worry, Evol Online will not stop today and we will not abandon you, the Beta releases are only the beginning! Let's do a quick summary of what happened these past months. Another news post will follow, telling you about what we plan to do in the next few months, so you're aware of everything!

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